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Silver and Gold Nol card holders can buy standard class pre-paid tickets (pre-paid refers to charging the Nol card since the actual ticket price is not deducted until the end of the journey), and one or thirty day passes for standard class Silver Nol Card. Children aged up to 5 years travel free. Other concessionary fares (students, seniors etc.) are only available to residents. Nol Cards. Passengers pay with Nol Cards; contactless smart cards. Different types of card are available to meet individual passenger needs. Cards must be purchased before travel There are four Nol cards on offer, Nol Silver, Nol Blue, Nol Gold and Nol Red cards. The Nol card is considered the best option since it can be used in the Metro and also on public buses, water buses and Metro parking lots in Dubai Nol Silver Card is a smart card with an e-purse that can be loaded with up to AED 5000. Enjoy the ease of getting this card immediately from any ticket office for only AED 25 (includes AED 19 e-purse value) and enjoy the convenience of using one card on all modes of transport Nol card expiry - the first Nol cards issued in Aug 2009 are due to expire in Aug 2014 - silver, gold, and blue Nol cards have a validity period of 5 years. Nol cards can be used after the expiry date while there is balance remaining but cannot be topped up, a new card must be purchased

Answer 1 of 2: Where all you can use silver NOL card? 1. Metros 2. Bus for transfer within Dubai 3. Bus for transfer between Dubai-Abu Dhabi Is there any NOL card vending machine at airport The silver NOL card lasts for 5 years, neither the cost of the card nor the balance is refundable. The minimum top up should be around 10 dirham as then you always have the minimum allowable credit They just changed the Nol card price & fares too late last year. A Silver Nol Card now costs AED25 with a credit value of AED19. The daily fare cap was increased from AED14 to AED20 The Nol silver card costs 25 dirhams to buy but that includes 19 dirhams in credits. It is valid for a period of 5 years and can be topped up to a maximum value of 500 dirhams

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DUBAI METRO TICKETS / NOL CARDS. Dubai Metro lets passengers travel from one end of the city to the other for price as low as Dh 5.80 thus making it affordable, convenient and a luxurious ride Welcome to the Nol card website. Silver Card . An Anonymous card with an e-purse that can be loaded with up to AED 5000. Price: AED 2 and a minimum of 1 trip. Pre-paid ticket prices are those for silver or gold card holders, standard prices are for red Nol card holders. Season Tickets. New season ticket passes have been introduced with the opening of the Dubai Tram and the prices are as follows Whot is NOL card. To travel on the metro you need to buy a NOL card or a NOL Ticket. There are 5 options available, find out which one will suit you best on the next page. It's easy to buy or top-up a card, or add trips to your Red Nol ticket, just go to a ticket vending machine, ticket office or RTA authorised sales agent

The remaining season tickets can only be purchased on a Blue Nol Card or a registered Silver or Gold Nol card. Blue cards require an application form with ID and photo. Therefore if you are travelling to Dubai as a visitor your only options for a season ticket are the day or weekly passes Dubai Metro Fare Price Increase Below is a chart with information of the difference from the old fare to the new fare. Please be advised that the chart only applies to SILVER NOL cards and fare prices will vary in other NOL cards (Gold, Blue, Red). Note: This applies to regular Silver NOL cards Nol Gold Card is the same as the Silver Card but allows its holder to travel in designated Metro Gold Class cabins by paying a premium fare. Nol Blue Card is a personalised Nol card that carries an image of the card holder Dubai Metro Ticket Price, Nol Fare Card Cost, Metro Tickets Outlet for Nol Electronic Fare Cards, purchase Silver, Blue, Gold, Red Metro Passenger Tickets at public bus stations, marine transport stations and RTA service centresDubai City Info, UAE - Information guide on Dubai jobs, Dubai hotels, Dubai map, metro, apartments, dhow cruise.

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The Nol Silver Card is the perfect nol starter card with an e-purse that can be loaded with up to AED 500. Enjoy the ease of getting the Silver Nol Card immediately from any ticket office for only AED 20 (includes AED 14 e-purse value) and enjoy the convenience of using one card on all modes of public transport in Dubai Choose the right nol card for you. Silver Card. Security and concession fares. Regular Price AED 70 Credit AED 20 Gold Price

Nol Gold Card - Travel in Luxury and Comfort. Nol Gold Card is an anonymous card with the same features as the Silver Card, but it gives you the privileged access to Metro's Gold Class seats for a premium fare NOL Card is a kind of prepaid smart cards introduced by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). There are 4 types of cards designed to meet different needs of residents and visitors. Among them, the Silver Card and Red Ticket are the most suitable options for visitors. The Silver Card can be purchased at the price of AED 25 ($6.81) Answer 1 of 3: Hi, does anybody know if I can purchase the silver Nol Card from Mina Seyahi tram station? Tried to look online but not very clear, if not can I purchase in terminal 3 airport Some users admit to swiping the silver Nol card to travel in the gold card department. 12.51 PM Sunday, 3 March 2019. How some commuters travel in class at half the price. By. Majorie van Leijen

Nol Silver Card is an ideal starter card that has been designed for use by the occasional traveller. Nol Gold Card is the same as the Silver Card but allows its holder to travel in designated Metro Gold Class cabins by paying a premium fare. Nol Blue Card is a personalised Nol card that carries an image of the card holder Nol is the card you use to access public transport like bus, metro and tram. You could load with cash and pay as you go or tell the cashier to load it for a weekly pass. You can't use a red nol for a week pass. It has to be silver or higher Nol Silver Card is a smart card with an e-purse that can be loaded with up to AED 5000. • Has an e-purse, which deducts the correct fare automatically. • Can be used immediately and topped up online, at any ticket office, ticket vending machine or sales agent Silver vs Red NOL Card Watch this Topic. Browse forums Could you please advice on how much is the silver NOL card one off price so we might purchase two at the.

Find The Perfect Card To Show Your Friends & Family How Much You Care This video will help you to understand how to recharge your NOL card or Metro OR Bus card. If you guys liked my video please do subscribe for my channel and dont forget to hit LIKE Option • Selecting the type of NOL card to be acquired (Blue, Gold, Silver or Red Ticket) • Subscribers to Personalized NOL Cards have to select their applicable categories (students, seniors, disabled, ordinary users) in order to enjoy the discounts set for each category The NoL Silver Card is a prepaid, stored-value card that you swipe as you enter and exit a metro or bus. The fare is deducted automatically. The fare cap per day is AED 14, any further trip after that (until midnight) is free Answer 1 of 6: Hi all, We will take the metro for travelling Dubai. Is Nol card price AED6.00 not refundable? How about the remaining value of Nol Card (before finishing the trip)

Could you please advice on how much is the silver NOL card one off price so we might purchase two at the airport itself!! Report inappropriate content . Latimer Answer 1 of 2: Where all you can use silver NOL card? 1. Metros 2. Bus for transfer within Dubai 3. Price of food in Dubai 7 replies; Hotels travellers are raving. Silver, gold Nol blue in 15 minutes. By. Majorie van Leijen; customers can opt to switch from a silver or gold Nol card to the blue Nol card without the hassle of going through a lengthy.


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Silver Nol Card is the most popular card and 90 per cent of more than two million cards sold far comprises of Silver Nol Cards, he added. He said that commuters would be to get Blue Nol Cards which they would be able to use instead of Silver Card. Blue cards will be loaded with same features as Silver Nol cards and it the cost will. • Nol Silver Card is a smart card with an e-purse that can be loaded with up to AED 5000. • Has an e-purse, which deducts the correct fare automatically. • Can be used immediately and topped up online, at any ticket office, ticket vending machine or sales agent Price increases: Prices are actually going up, however - a daily ticket has jumped from AED 14 to AED 20 for silver card-holders, and from AED 28 to AED 50 for gold. And monthly Nol package prices are also increasing - a multi-zone silver pass will cost AED 350, instead of the current AED 270 The Nol card can be bought at the ticket machines on the platform and you can pay with credit card and cash. There are different types of Nol cards. If you want to use Dubai public transport more often, it is best to buy a Silver card Dubai metro prices Tickets & cards nol = fare or cost of transport in Arabic Type of ticket/travel distance Nol card All zones < 3km 1 zone 2 zones 3 zones 4 zones 5 zones Standard adult ticket price Red 2.00 2.50 4.50 6.50 6.50 6.50 Pre-paid standard adult fare Silver 1.80 2.30 4.10 5.80 5.80 5.80 Students (registered with Blue Nol.

There are different types of NOL smart cards with different prices and passengers can choose any type of smart card which suits them. These cards are pre-loaded and customers can use it as an e-purse. Chart Of Dubai Metro Fares. The chart of the ticket prices in the Dubai Metro is given below with the price of ticket for different zones in Dirhams There are four types of Nol cards: Silver, Gold, Blue and Red. Each one of them is designed to meet the needs of different passenger categories. Silver Card Plastic rechargeable card, ideal for starters and occasional users. Price AED 25 (including AED 19 e-purse). Gold Card Same features and price with Silver Card with the additional privilege. After registering for the programme, personalised blue Nol card holders will earn one point per Dh1 spent via the card, while non-personalised silver cards fetch a point per Dh2

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  1. If you have a Nol Silver, Nol Gold or Nol Blue Card, you can use the Water Bus in Dubai by adding value to your e-purse and simply using your Nol card which will deduct the fare automatically. Please note transfers are not applicable from/to Dubai Water Buses and the maximum duration of the trip can not exceed 3 hours
  2. The silver Nol card costs Dhs.20, including Dhs.14 credit. It can be recharged up to Dhs.500 and can be used across all forms of transport and for street parking. The gold Nol card is identical to the silver, except that holders are charged first-class prices (usually double the standard fare) and can travel in the Gold Class cabins on the metro
  3. Is not valid, everyone need their own NOL Card, the price is 25 AED, and you need to pass at the entrance and exit, even if you change between bus an train
  4. Re: Metro Nol Card Confusion and Questions 22 Sep 2015, 13:27 Great, I did think silver was the way to go, they do confuse it a little online, and dont make it clear

Finally, I found the Nol system slightly anti-tourist as if you want to take the metro and the abras, you are forced to buy a red card for the 1-day pass and a silver card for the abras. Reply admin says A NOL card is a contactless smart card you can use to pay public transport fees for buses, water buses and the Dubai Metro. There are different types of NOL Cards but since this site is mainly catering to tourists intending to explore Dubai, we will cut to the chase, and recommend that you buy either a Red Ticket or a Silver NOL Card

A Gold Card doubles the price of a fare, but it gives you the closest thing to first-class travel that can be found on a bus in Dubai. Meanwhile, a personal card maintains the same price as a silver NOL card Alternative for Tourists: the SILVER NOL CARD . Validity: 5 years Forms of Public Transport: Bus, metro, and water bus Cost: 25 AED Advantages: This Smartcard can be topped off and can be used for all types of public transport. Money will be subsequently deducted from your bank account Moreover, different Nol cards have different costs. A traveler using a Silver card will be charged a different amount than a Gold card user, for the same number of zones traveled Nol Silver Card (25 AED) This card is recommended for occasional travelers and includes 19 AED trip credit. Nol Gold Card (25 AED) Holders can travel in designated Metro Gold Class cabins by paying a premium fare and includes a 19 AED trip credit First batch of Nol cards to expire soon The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has reminded public transport users that all categories of the first batch of Nol cards, will expire on Friday next.

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Dubai Metro Fares, Tickets and Cards. The metro uses Nol cards and Nol tickets for travelling. The Nol silver card is valid for 5 years and holds up to AED 500 worth of credit. It's suited for frequent travelers 2.1 What is NOL Card? info & types. 2.2 How much? locations to purchase NOL. 2.4 Where & How. to recharge NOL : Zones Silver Card Gold Card Personal Card Red. There are several types of Nol Card, but if you are only going to use it just once, you should buy a Nol Silver Card at the price of AED 20 including pulse purse of AED 14. No need any documents to get it Does the 25aed for the NOL card include 25aed of travel, or is this just the price of the càrd? 5 of us are looking at travelling from Bur Dubai to Abu Dhabi . If we need to buy the NOL card, plus pay the bus fare, it may be cheaper by taxi Using HCE (Host Card Emulation) securely for mass transit cards is a significant technical challenge that Silverleap overcame and in conjunction with RTA's technical team provided a complete and security audited solution for deploying the RTA nol card to Android NFC phones

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A contactless card based transit scheme complete with acceptance and integration into the ezCash mobile money platform of our partner Dialog Sri Lanka State-of-the art implementation of a virtual 'nol card' - the transit card issued by RTA the Road Traffic Agency with comprehensive back-office syste This Service enables commuters who frequently use public transport modes in Dubai and purchased NOL card to TOP UP their card. It's secure and personalized smart card with an e-purse enabling the user a top-up to 500 dirham Price: AED 70 (includes AED 20 e-purse value) Valid for 5 years If you are Students, Senior Citizen or Disabled, you can enjoy having special fares for different concession types of nol blue card. Silver Card Nol Silver Card is an anonymous card with an e-purse that can be loaded with up to AED 500 how to use nol cards in dubai كيف تستخدم كارت النول في دبي दुबई में नाोल कार्ड का उपयोग क دبئی میں سے nol کارڈ. NOL cards an electronic payment card and this card is available in 3 types Silver card Blue card and Gold. A Silver card is for frequent travelers the silver card credit is 1000Dhs. The Blue card is the personalized card with online services and security and the gold card gives you privileged access to the Gold Class Cabins

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Your Guide to Using the Dubai Metro Silver Card: Card Price: AED 2: Let him know whether you would like a red ticket or a silver card, and which station you. The Dubai Metro is the first urban train network in the Arabian Peninsula. More than 110,000 people, which is nearly 10 per cent of Dubai's population, used the Metro in its first two days of operation. The Dubai Metro carried 10 million passengers from launch on 9 September 2009 to 9 February 2010 with 11 stations operational on the Red Line Surprise & Delight Your Friends & Family With The Perfect Card Today In this case, the card itself is valid for 5 years but the remaining 4 years is just a personalized silver card. The discount is only for the first year. So renewal is just another term for getting a new card from scratch

NOL Silver Card; An anonymous card with an e-purse - Ideal for visitors and occasional travelers. 2. NOL Gold Card. An anonymous card with an e-purse that gives its. There are three types of Nol card; all three are valid for five years and can store up to 500dh worth of credit. The Silver Card costs 20dh (including 14dh credit). The Gold Card (same price) is almost identical, but also allows users to travel on Gold Class compartments on the metro As per the revised tariff,for Silver Nol card users the new minimum fare on all modes of public transport will be Dh 3 for a ride within one zone as well as for a distance of up to 3 kilometres. And for a ride between two adjacent zones ,t he new Silver card fare will be Dh5, while fare for a trip across three or more zones will be Dh7.5.Prices.

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tourists can have only Red, Silver or Gold NOL Card; the Blue card is available only for residents the NOL Red Ticket is ideal for tourists and occasional travelers but can be used only on one mode of transport at a time and has a maximum validity of 90 day Get a Silver (or Gold) NOL Card, has all flexibility. Also read up on RTA NOL Brochure. Available in come of the Metro Stations CALIBRATION OF THE NOL LARGE SCALE Donna Price DDC III ~ MARC H 1970 91 UNITED STATES NAVAL ORDNANCE LABORATORY, WHITE OAK, MARYLAND Silver Spring, garyland.

  1. Recharge own Salik account or friend's account using the recharge card or the e-voucher Adding new vehicle to Salik account Removing a Vehicle from Salik Accoun
  2. A few days ago I was chatting with a travel blogger based in the USA and during our conversation, he asked me How Much Money Do I Need To Go to Dubai?. I could reply him in a just few lines, but I thought that way my answer would be incomplete
  3. The Dubai Metro Guide. Silver Card, Gold Card, Blue Card, and Personalized Gold Card. and the NOL cards described above are not eligible for use on the monorail
  4. imum balance for Gold Nol card is the same as on the Silver Nol Card, that is, Dh7.50. This does not correspond to the maximum fare that can be charged for any trip on the Gold Class, as this amount adds up to Dh15

The other is the non-personalised silver card holders, who will earn one point per two dirhams spent. The nol+ programme is currently available for all nol card holders which include more than. A daily pass valid for unlimited rides on the metro and buses for all zones costs Dh22 (Red Ticket Dh2 + Day Pass Dh20, as of Feb 2018), while the Nol Silver stored-value card costs Dh25 (including Dh19 worth of balance) and gives a 10% discount on both metro and bus fares. Both are available at metro stations and major bus stations Silver Nol Card Comfortable option both for tourists and residents. The card costs 25 AED (includes 19 AED trip credit), it is valid for 5 years and it can be purchased in any ticket office or at ticket vending machine

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TYPES and prices for the dubai NOL CARD The Dubai NOL card is an electronic card that is used to pay for public transportation fares. There are five different types of NOL cards in Dubai, that come with varying benefits and serve different purposes, at different prices A Nol Card is used by passengers to check-in and out of the tram by scanning the card at the platform screen doors. Typically residents of Dubai have blue, silver or gold Nol Cards, while travelers and visitors opt for red or silver You can buy the right NOL card for your purpose - there are 4 different kinds - at the ticket office of any Metro Station. Typically, a Silver NOL card costs 20 dirhams and it includes 14 dirhams worth of travel immediately available No Nol card. You do not need to (and in fact you cannot) use a Nol card on the Palm Monorail, The prices for the Palm Monorail tickets are as follows All Deals Compare Prices Get Daily Travel Tips & Deals! Sign Up. Get Daily Travel Tips & Deals! as the minimum charge in the metro using a silver Nol card is 1.80 AED per person for journeys.

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Silver Nol Card - An Anonymous card with an e-purse that can be loaded with up to AED 500. Price: AED 20 (includes AED 14 e-purse value) . With the silver card, you can sit anywhere in the train except the Gold Cabin Nol Gold Card has the same features as the Silver Card, but also gives access to Metro's Gold Class seats for premium charges. When used on other modes of transport with no Gold Class, you will. May 05, 2016 · Spring for a Nol Silver card The best option for tourists is the Nol Silver Card or Red Ticket. Both are fairly inexpensive and can be used for a variety of transit systems, including the bus.

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  1. Nol Card options: Nol cards come with several different options Such as Silver, Gold, Blue, Red cards. There also several different recharge options these option allows you to travel unlimited for a number of days1 Day Pas
  2. Silver is designed for frequent travellers who just want to get from A to B, blue is for people who want a personalised, secured card, complete with online services (you'll need to wait for the RTA to post it to you), while gold gets you access to the leather seats of the carpeted Gold Class carriages - but at a premium price. Nol cards can.
  3. The other is the non-personalised silver card holders, who will earn one point per two dirhams spent. Nol+ programme is currently available for all Nol card holders which include more than 27 thousand members

Home » Featured » Your Nol card is now even more useful. 5,000 stores will accept Nol cards as currency by 2018. our silver Nol card at Circle K and with a. Limited edition Nol card on Green Line launch RTA to sell only 10,000 commemorative cards exclusively at stations to coincide with inauguration of new line Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has issued exclusive Silver and Gold Nol Cards for public transport users in Dubai to commemorate the opening of the Green Line of Dubai Metro Back in 2013, the RTA introduced Smart NOL, a new service that lets commuters replace their existing silver NOL cards with their smartphone. (it's only possible for silver NOL card holders. If you have a recharge card or e-voucher you can recharge your account through 24-hr Self Service Contact Centre on 800 Salik (72545), SMS, Smart Salik App and Salik website. Auto top ups through banks. You can recharge using your credit card through Smart Salik app or Salik website The prices for the cards and the tickets are the following: 1) Silver Card (25 AED): Card in which you can load a maximum of 5000 AED in cash. This card can be bought at any office that sells tickets, as well as in ticket vending machines, at shops authorized by RTA (like newsstands,) and customer service offices

Complete guide to the top Joe Montana football cards. Framed Silver Ink Autographs apply a quality design and more limited print run along with a thick silver. NOL Smart Applications Business & Corporate Services. Corporate Services Traffic and Roads Renew or buy new seasonal parking card 7-Day and 30-Day Passes. You can load cash on your card and the farebox, validator or turnstile will know exactly what to deduct

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A Nol Card is a credit-card-sized stored-value contactless smartcard that can hold prepaid funds to pay for fares on buses and trains within one or more of four zones. The credit must be added to the card before travel Enjoy reduced tariff for some blue Nol cards (Students, Senior Citizens, and Handicapped People) Nol Card's Types. Nol card is available in many types, and they are the following: 1) Silver Card. You can use the silver card on all public transport systems and can be refilled with up to 5,000 AED Nol card users unsure of the validity of their cards can check for it in any of the ticketing machines and counters in metro stations and parking meters of Dubai. There are three types of Nol cards - silver, gold and blue cards. The blue card is personalised and carries an expiry date next to the image on the card A Card Replacement Fee will be applicable as per the Emirates NBD Credit Card Service and Price Guide. What happens to the balance on my existing Nol Tag ID in case of a Go4it Credit Card replacement

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