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Immigration records, also known as ship passenger arrival records, may provide genealogists with information such as: one's nationality, place of birth. ship name and date of entry to the United States. age, height, eye and hair color. profession. place of last residence. name and address of.

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Genealogy and Family History. The National Archives and Records Administration has a Search it to find family members who entered the United States through. Ellis Island Gallery; Immigration Museum; Passenger Search Explore our vast database of 65 million passenger records... Need more information? Click here Records About Grants, Insurance, Loans, Subsidies and Other Economic Assistance Awarded by Federal Agencies World War II Army Enlistment Records Data Files Relating to the Immigration of Germans to the United State Olive Tree Genealogy maintains two email discussion lists for Ships Passenger Lists for the USA and for Canada, for immigration records before passenger lists were mandatory. Here are the details of both of the new lists

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  1. In declaring a national emergency at the Southwest border, President Donald Trump strung together a long list of false, misleading and unsupported claims on illegal immigration, drug smuggling.
  2. Ellis Island Gallery; Immigration Museum; It is the only place in the United States where an individual can honor their family heritage at a National Monument.
  3. istration holds records of arrivals from Canada, 1895-1954. Those records include Canadians travelling to the U.S. to visit or work. Canadian and American border entry records are searchable on (subscription required)
  4. US immigration records: Census records A census has been taken every ten years in the USA since 1790 but they contain limited information for genealogy research (except name and age of head of household) until 1850 when the returns include the country of of birth and age of all members of the household

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Immigration Online Genealogy Records This is collection of links to United States Immigration databases and collections that include passenger lists and manifests. Includes some links to ship images and border crossing records. The indexing of records is often an on-going project An official website of the United States government Travel and Immigration. National Archives and Records Administration New York Immigration Records. USA (618,007) > New York (41,494) > New York Immigration Records (361) Statewide Immigration Records. A List of Emigrants from England to America, 1682-1692, 1718-1759 Ancestry . A-Files (immigrant records,April 1, 1944 to May 1, 1951 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service Naturalization and Immigration Records Ships' Passenger Lists. The Pennsylvania State Archives maintains official ships' passenger lists on microfilm (Record Group-26), recording the arrival of Continental Europeans (chiefly German, Dutch, Swiss and French) at the Port of Philadelphia, 1727-1744, 1746-1756, 1761, 1763-1775, 1785-1808

Archive. Home » Immigration Central States as Immigration Education Coordinator, where she is committed to the work of educating immigrants of their rights and. 1099 - Do Canadians have provincial health insurance while in the USA? 1100 - Do Canadians need additional health insurance while in the USA? Entering the USA with a Canadian Criminal Record (USA Entry Waivers) 1120 - Can USA Immigration Officers access Canadian criminal records? 1121 - Can someone with a Canadian criminal record legally enter. Pages Businesses Education GG Archives Immigration Collections. English (US) · Español · Português (Brasil) · Français (France) · Deutsch

Our unique cultural, ethnic and linguistic mosaic is reflected in the wide assortment of holdings at Library and Archives Canada associated with the different ethno-cultural groups. The holdings include: immigration records and guides, travel guides, passenger lists, letters, diaries, journals, memoirs, newspapers (some ethnic titles), maps. Immigrants from Prinzess Irene, Ellis Island, New York, USA, 1911. Immigration and naturalization records--regardless of when they were created--tell the story of your ancestor making that momentous decision to immigrate, travel, or become a citizen of a different country

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