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Bei (An article by the son of an American soldier who died in the Battle of Hurtgen Forest.) Nash, Douglas (2008). Victory was Beyond Their Grasp: With the 272nd Volks-Grenadier Division from the Hürtgen Forest to the Heart of the Reich But as Allied forces closed on Germany's western border, the tyranny of logistics started to impose the weight of its inflexible laws on operations

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Krátký film natočený členy americké sekce KVH Tommy & Yankee z.s. při soukromé akci konané ve dnech 24. - 26. října 2014, která svým historickým pozadí připomínala urputné boje. The village of Schmidt was of key importance, because of it's strategic location and elevation, overlooking the Schwammenauel dam in the Rur river, still controlled by the Germans. The Hürtgen Forest is a terrain well known by it's defender. The Germ. Hell of the Hurtgen Forest WW2 Tour, The Tragedy of the Holocaust Tour, Third Reich Tours, 3rd Reich Tours, World War 2 Tours, WW2 Tours, Battle of the Bulge Tours, Hurtgen Tours, Concentration Tours, Holocaust Tours, D-Day Tours, Normandy Tours, Hurtgen Forrest Tours, WW2 Battlefield Tour An M-10 from the 893rd Tank Destroyer Battalion moves down a logging trail on its way to Schmidt, Germany, during the fighting in the Hürtgen Forest

The battle of the Hurtgen Forest The first American unit involved in the Hurtgen Forest battle was the 9th Infantry Division. Early in the morning of September 14th. Robert Sterling Rush: Hell in Hürtgen Forest, The Ordeal and Triumph of an American Infantry Regiment, University Press of Kansas, Lawrence (paperback) 2004, ISBN 978--7006-1360-1 Charles B. MacDonald: The Battle of the Huertgen Forest

The Hürtgen forest (also: Huertgen Forest; German: Hürtgenwald) is located along the border between Belgium and Germany in the southwest corner of the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Scarcely 50 square miles (130 km 2) in area, the fores. Major General Cota and the 28th Infantry Division's role in the Huertgen Forest as part of its Leadership curriculum. It is part of a block of instruction that focuses on commanding units in combat The Battle of Hürtgen Forest was a series of battles fought between German and American forces in Hürtgen Forest. The battle was the longest battle fought on German.

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At that time, the 26th Regiment was fighting in the Battle of Hurtgen Forest , a grueling dense-forest offensive near the German-Belgian border. During a German counterattack on that day, near Schevenhütte , Germany , he manned his machine gun despite intense enemy fire and left cover in order to retrieve more ammunition. Although wounded, he continued to fire his machine gun until again. We owe our freedom to GIs who fought by Peter Thomas, veteran of Hurtgen Forest and Bulge Battles Whiting, Charles, The Battle of Hurtgen Forest. Orion Books, New York, 1989

Hurtgen Forest. Germany Travel Us The objective of the German breakthrough in the Ardennes Forest was to effect a crossing of the River Meuse and capture the important supply port of Antwerp, Belgium . Bob Caudill. ww 2 maps. Division Tanks Wwii Batt. Hürtgenwald November 2 -7, 1944 Battle for Schmidt and Vossenack by the 28th Infantry Division Battle of Hürtgen Forest February 10, 1945 This year's winter vintage sniper match commemorates the actions of the 505th and 508th Regiments of the 82nd Airborne. At the start, the forest was defended by the German 275th and 353rd Infantry Divisions; understrength but well prepared—5,000 men (1,000 in reserve)—and commanded by Generalleutnant Hans Schmidt, they had little artillery and no tanks. As the battle progressed, German reinforcements were added. American expectations that these troops were weak and ready to withdraw were not matched by events Forest occurred. 2 The Huertgen Forest, a wooded area of 50 square miles sits on the 2 The Huertgen Forest, a wooded area of 50 square miles sits on the border of Belgium and Germany about 5 miles south of the city of Aachen

This phase concentrated on the town of Schmidt, astride an important German supply route, within the southern part of the forest. The engagement began on 19 September 1944, with a probe by the U.S. 60th Infantry Regiment that entered the Hürtgen Forest, but was beaten back by the terrain and opposition

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