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  1. Cochlear™ Baha® System . The Baha® Bone Conduction Implant System offers smart, small and powerful technology designed to help you hear and communicate with confidence
  2. Learn how bone conduction implants work and how they can help adults and children with hearing loss. Hear from people whose lives have been transformed by the Cochlear™ Baha® System
  3. Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions is a company based in Gothenburg, Sweden, that manufactures and distributes bone conduction hearing solutions under the trademark Baha. The company was created in 1999 and was then called Entific Medical Systems

Sorry! We are not available for chat at this time. Our standard hours for chat are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm Mountain Time. If you are attempting to reach us during normal business hours please contact us via phone (800.483.3123) or email ( as we could be experiencing technical issues The Cochlear Baha® 5 has a dedicated volume control, a push button, uses size 312 hearing aid batteries, and is Made For iPhone Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than U.S. dollars and are approximate conversions to U.S. dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates Cochlear Batteries has the largest selection of cochlear implant batteries and other hearing aid batteries, including Size 312, Size 10, Size 13 and Size 675 disposable batteries Cochlear Americas. 69,963 likes · 2,741 talking about this. Cochlear US & Canada. Cochlear is dedicated to helping people with moderate to profound..

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At Cochlear we are passionate about hearing. Cochlear Limited is the leading global expert in implantable hearing solutions. For more than 30 years Cochlear has helped over 450,000 people connect to the world of sound The Baha system is an innovative technology that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat hearing loss. The Baha offers an alternative method for achieving sensitive hearing by the way of Bone Conduction. The Baha works on a principle of efficient coupling of the sound.

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About the Cochlear Baha Support App This application is designed to help you with the daily handling and care of your Cochlear Baha system. It includes general information, cleaning instructions, battery information, a troubleshooting guide and other helpful tips and information to make living with your Baha hearing solution as easy and simple as possible Are you curious what acoustic neuroma symptoms are? Has gradual hearing loss or tinnitus been affecting your hearing? Learn more about the Cochlear™ Baha® System* as a solution to treat your single-sided deafness (SSD) About the Cochlear Baha Support App. This application is designed to help you with the daily handling and care of your Cochlear Baha system. It includes general information, cleaning instructions, battery information, a troubleshooting guide and other helpful tips and information to make living with your Baha hearing solution as easy and simple as possible

Virginia I. struggled to hear since she was in her 20s. After living an active life but struggling with hearing aid moisture and sound quality, she got the Cochlear™ Baha® 5 Attract System and has begun to excel in both karate and a new musical hobby Meet Nucleus® 7 - the world's first and only cochlear implant sound processor that's Made for iPhone. With Cochlear's Nucleus 7 Sound Processor, you can take control of your hearing an What is a Cochlear Implant? A cochlear implant is an electronic device that restores partial hearing to individuals with severe to profound hearing loss who do not benefit from a conventional hearing aid

Cochlear implants are surgically placed electronic devices that restore a sense of sound for people who are severely or profoundly hard of hearing.The SLUCare Cochlear Implant Program can assess the eligibility of a patient to receive a cochlear implant, and provide information and counseling A Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) is a device typically implanted behind the ear, in the mastoid bone. The implanted portion provides direct bone vibration from external sound, therefore bypassing the outer and middle ear In 2013, after years of pre-clinical research, Cochlear launched the first abutment designed for soft tissue preservation surgery: the Baha® BA400 (DermaLock) Abutment featuring a hydroxyapatite surface Page 1 Baha 5 Sound Processor ® User manual part A English Français Deutsch Nederlands Italiano ZONE 1...; Page 3 5 Sound Processor. You are ™ ® now ready to use Cochlear's highly advanced bone conduction sound processor, featuring sophisticated signal processing and wireless technology

Cochlear implants are a surgically implanted device that can provide sound to someone with a severe or profound hearing loss. The technology stimulates the auditory nerve which the brain can interpret into sound over time Cochlear Implants/Baha BAHA. The physicians and audiology staff of Tucson ENT were the first in the state of Arizona to offer this ground-breaking technology to our patients

The Cochlear™ Baha ® 5 Sound Processors are the first sound processors with direct to device control and accessibility, Apple ® and Android™ compatibility. With additional functionality, recipients can stream sound directly from an iPhone ®, iPad ® or iPod touch ® —without the need for a secondary device or bulky neck-worn hardware At Cochlear, it's our mission to help people hear and be heard. We empower people to connect with others and live a full life. We help transform the way peop.. The Cochlear Baha System can make a difference for patients with middle ear or mixed hearing loss problems when regular hearing devices do not work well

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